Wheelchair-Friendly & Accessible Activities on Kauai

Guided Tours

Kore Kauai - One Saturday each month, they assist people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities to access the beach and safely get in and out of the ocean with the help of highly skilled and trained volunteers.

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Fun Facts on Aloha Friday

In 1962, a professional manufacturing association known as the Hawaiian Fashion Guild began to promote aloha shirts in the workplace, as business attire. The Guild gave two aloha shirts to every member of the Hawaii House of Representatives and the Hawaii Senate. Then a resolution was passed recommending aloha attire be worn during the summer.

In 1965, a campaign lobbying for "Aloha Friday” would encourage employers to allow men to wear aloha shirts on Fridays. By 1970, aloha wear had gained acceptance in Hawaii as business attire for any day of the week.

Hawaii's custom of Aloha Friday slowly spread east to California, continuing around the globe until the 1990s, when it became known as Casual Friday. Today in Hawaii, Alohawear is worn as business attire for any day of the week, and "Aloha Friday" is generally used to refer to the last day of the work week. Kimo Kahoano and Paul Natto used "Aloha Friday” in their 1982 song, "It's Aloha Friday, No Work 'til Monday,” which is still heard every Friday on Hawaii radio stations across the state.

Our Favorite Winter Activities on Kauai's North Shore

Most travelers come to Hawaii in the Winter to escape the cold weather and seek refuge in the sunshine. If visiting the North Shore though, their fantasies of tranquil lake-like warm waters could be derailed by high surf and dangerous currents. So when you can't go to the beach, what can you do on Kauai's north shore during the winter season you ask? Read below to find out! 

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Explore the East Side on the Kapaa Bike Path

Stretching 7 miles along the East Shore coastline from Lydgate Park to Donkey Beach, is the Kapaa Bike Path. Also referred to as Ke Ala Hele Makalae, which translates to "the path that goes by the coast," this multi-use trail gives access to parks, beaches, and coastal communities while providing fantastic scenery and offshore breezes.

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